Welcome Fellow Patriots

Are you ready to Drain the Swamp? I know I am and after dealing with the RINO's in our local party, I am ready to see things changed. Several people have said voters will not take me seriously until I have hired a campaign manager. What they fail to realize is the people you and I, who elected President Trump, do not want spoon fed players. We want hard working Patriots, who know how to get the job done and can do it themselves.

Tradional politics is old school. A new generation is taking over and this is threatening the establishment more than the liberals are. The liberals at least could be bought, but now the establishment has no idea how to buy people that can't be bought. They forget we worked ourselves to death during the recession and discovered our real worth. To be underpaid, under appreciated, and overall more tired every job rejectiion.

Well, enough is enough. Let's take America back by storm!